Ocean Protocol Pre-Launch Instructions

This post has information about the Ocean Protocol Pre-Launch mechanisms, KYC, communication and safety tips.

Please read through it carefully. You should only participate via the token.oceanprotocol.com platform. Do not trust any other channel and do not trust any direct message you receive without the secret keyphrase that you received on February 15.

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Participation Period

The Ocean Protocol token distribution starts on Wednesday, March 7 at 09:00 GMT+1 (Berlin) / 4pm GMT+8 (Singapore). This is the same start time that the whitelisting started on February 15th.

Your KYC Status

We will not send out individual KYC confirmations. When you enter the participation platform, you will be able to find your KYC status.

If the platform shows that your status is not confirmed, you can still participate. Our KYC team will continue to process submissions and only if your KYC is rejected, will you receive a full refund.

How to Participate

Follow the steps to contribute:

  1. On Wednesday, March 7 at 09:00 GMT+1 (Berlin, Paris, Madrid) / 4pm GMT+8 (Singapore), you can go directly to token.oceanprotocol.com (please make sure you’re using Cryptonite). For extra safety, type in the url token.oceanprotocol.com directly into your browser.
  2. At the top of the page will be box to enter your email. Please use the same email you used for whitelisting.
  3. Upon entering your email address, an access link will be sent to your email (please ensure that your secret keyphrase is included in the email you receive).
  4. Proceed to the contribution page via the access link.
  5. A unique contribution address will be allocated to you where you can deposit ETH funds.

The contribution will happen on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis until the hard cap is reached or the token distribution expires on March 10 at 09:00 GMT+1 (Berlin) / 4pm GMT+8 (Singapore).

We accept only Ethereum. Please ensure that your Ethereum wallet is pre-loaded so that you can transfer funds immediately after you receive the contribution details.

Note: Do not send ETH from an exchange account, and only use wallets for which you hold the private keys. If you need help setting up an Ethereum wallet, refer to this guide.

We recommend 21,000 Gas and 20 Gwei. Let’s keep things fair for everyone. You can always check the gas price here.

Contribution Amounts

The price of Ethereum is set at 685€ / $843 USD for the token distribution.

The contribution limits are as follows:

- Minimum: 0.365 ETH (equivalent to 250€ / $305 USD) which gives you 1,250 Ocean Tokens.

- Maximum: 1.825 ETH (equivalent to 1,250€ or $1,550 USD) which gives you 6,250 Ocean Tokens.

All excess amounts above the maximum contribution amount, as well as amounts lower than the minimum, will be refunded to the same address from which it came from no later than April 30, 2018.

Communications on March 7 during the Pre-Launch

On March 7, you can reach us in two ways:

  • Twitter @oceanprotocol
  • Facebook Live Stream starting 30 minutes before the contribution period. Link will be communicated via our channels.

We will NEVER post an ETH contribution address in Telegram, Twitter or Slack.

We will be broadcasting updates on our official channels:

- Twitter @oceanprotocol

- Telegram News t.me/oceanprotocol

During the contribution period, we expect that our Telegram chat and Slack channels to be overloaded with spammers so we will restrict communication on them.

After the Pre-Launch contribution period ends, everything should get back to normal.

Be smart and stay safe.


For official communications, we will be sending you emails. Before acting on any request, please check the following:

1. The email domain is always oceanprotocol.com

2. Your secret keyphrase is included. (Remember we asked you to write down your unique, secret keyphrase? This is THE moment you need to make sure your contribution email contains it.)

3. The link directs you to token.oceanprotocol.com (please use Cryptonite)

4. The email contains an extra security measure we will be disclosing 10 minutes before the Pre-Launch token distribution starts.

If you receive an email and it feels suspicious, please trust your judgment and contact us.

Contribution Status

If you enter the platform and you are not eligible to contribute because you weren’t amongst the first 10,000 submitters or because your KYC failed, the platform will give you a message.

Data Protection

All data is handled according to European Union Data Protection Laws. GDPR will be followed in all cases, except where commercial law supersedes. Singapore Law determines that financial data cannot be deleted for 10 years from the end of a contract. Therefore, we must keep your data on file until Q3/2029.

If you do not wish for us to keep your data, do not participate in the token distribution and send an email to privacy@oceanprotocol.com to delete all your personal data. We can only delete all your data before you contribute. After you contribute, we must hold your data according to mandatory timeframes.

Tips / Troubleshooting

Problem: Blank screen at token.oceanprotocol.com

Suggestion: Clear your cache or try another browser

Problem: Metacert shield is black

Suggestion: You are on an unsafe site! Do not proceed. Instead, type in token.oceanprotocol.com directly into the browser bar. If you see the green Metacert shield, you are safe!
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