Ocean Protocol Pre-Launch Token Distribution Update

We designed a process to let 10,000 people participate but we set the individual cap too low. We’re raising the individual cap to 100 ETH.

Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

Thank you to our supporters and believers in our vision!

We designed the Pre-Launch Token Distribution towards fairness, and inclusiveness while ensuring that we have the funds to deliver on our promises. We’re extremely proud that we’ve complied with all laws, ran a clean token distribution and attracted true believers in our vision and not speculators.

We made a point to carve out capacity for the community at the Pre-Launch stage and turn away many institutional acquirors to give you the chance to participate in our world-changing vision.

Thousands participated and more than half of the participants contributed the maximum individual amount.

So many people asked to contribute more.

We’re excited to announce that effective immediately, anyone amongst the 10,000 whitelisted is now allowed to send up to 100 ETH to the unique ETH address that they received from token.oceanprotocol.com. We’re honouring the exchange rate of $843 / 685€ per ETH.

To contribute more, go back to token.oceanprotocol.com — where you’ll see the “Success Screen” and your individual ETH deposit address. Deposit your ETH into this address and we’ll send you an email confirmation shortly after.

The Pre-Launch Token Distribution will end when the 9M€ cap is reached or on March 10, 09:00 GMT+1 (Berlin) / 16:00 GMT+1 (Singapore), whichever happens first.

After that, all unused capacity will be re-allocated to the waitlist of institutional acquirors.

Your Ocean Protocol Team

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